Games have been around as long as people have lived.

Why is that?

Because they serve a purpose.

What purpose?

Many. Socializing (we humans are social animals), ways of learning rules about how to deal with others (this is why children’s games are important), developing and challenging our minds (which is part of development) and ways of transmitting culture.

Our Skills

Games Development


Mobile Applications Development


Web applications


web sites


augmented and virtual reality solutions


SDK Games Africa is a subsidiary SDK Africa (award winning digital company established in May 2012 and based in South Africa with offices in Cameroon and Botswana) dedicated to afro-centric mobiles and social games with mission of providing the the best African Gaming Experience using innovative technologies (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality…) and based on African contents (culture, history, tales…).

To reach our mission, we defined our values which are:

  • Sparking the imagination;
  • Create immersive experiences;
  • Uplift and perpetuate African history;
  • Promote education through gaming;
  • Always push our limits;
  • Innovate;
  • Promote diversity and peace through gaming experience;
  • Creating connections between people and the world through gaming.