MooEvents is a mobile application for events creation, advertisement and management, with the possibility to sell tickets whereby participants will be able to buy ticket using mobile money. The product is design for the mass market as well as corporate. The application has three categories of users:

  • Events organizers:

This category is made of people who initiate events. They can therefore use the tool to create specific events and customize what they wish to communicate on. For instance, they can do the following:

  • Event creation
  • Event advertisement using specific target group
  • Ticket sales
  • Quiz to collect feedback on the events as well as suggestions.

By using the application, they have the possibility to customize the look and feel so that the event is relevant to the local audience. Also our secure registration and ticket allow the event organizer to collect his money through the application so that the theft at the point of entry is completely eliminated. He can, prior starting the event, have a clear visibility on the revenue that will be generated.

  • General public
    • The general public who subscribes to the application will be informed on events that are related to their profiles and preferences. They will be able to view all events that happened within specific location as well as the rating from participant so that they can have an idea of expectations if they need to attend an event.
    • Taking advantage of our payment system, the user will now purchase his ticket online, mitigating the risk to transport cash with a possibility to loose money or the cash been stolen.
  • Corporate
    • Corporate can also be classified as event organizers. They will be able to make information available to their target audience. Also, they will use the platform to pay for the adverts that will be place in the application so that people attending events can see.