MooQuizz is a web platform that you can use to create campaigns and quizzes and publish on social networks (Facebook, g+, twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc.…).

A campaign can be for customer sensitization, for advertisement or game contest.

To create a campaign, you should register as a Sponsor at Registration involves fitting the provided form or signing in with your facebook account.

Once your account created, you can:

  • Create a campaign
  • Populate it with Quizzes
  • Install MooQuizz on facebook pages
  • Set Quizzes availability on social network pages
  • Invite people to play quizzes
  • Add prizes to your campaign for winners
  • Get playing statistics on your MooQuizz dashboard

Any person with a facebook (or further with g+, twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn) account and the right accessibility (according to the settings the sponsor decided) to the quizzes can play

What does a player do?

  • Select a quiz
  • Answer questions
  • Submit the answers

Playing MooQuizzes, sharing with your friends or creating campaigns will have you gain more and more MooCoins.